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just my luck.

naz. 15. turkey.
McFly is the most amazing, talented rock band ever and THIS BLOG IS ALL ABOUT THEM ♥
I post my own edits so please don't steal, just re-blog. If you are a mcfly blog i'm gonna following you back. stay with mcfly♥

I opened my ask box for anons too! If you wanna ask or tell me something, I'm waiting :3 

Hahah, my favorite!

Tom Fletcher is sexy and he knows it.

Tom Fletcher is sexy and he knows it.

I feel like such a bad fan! I will post a lot edits and gifs soon :) 

thatsherthatgirl whispered: looove your blog! looove Mcfly too! :-)

Thank you! 

It’s all about you, baby. :)

pudd love <3

pudd love <3

mcfly in just my luck

silence is a scary sound + danny and dougie’s romance. <3